Artist's Statement

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Artist’s Statement

I love working with metal.

The “fluid nature” of metal is what draws me to manipulate it, to experiment with it in a process to inevitably and undeniably shape it into something other than it once was.

The process may include cold forming by giving the metal shape gently and softly, coaxing it with my hands and fingers, or more noisily and forcefully, by using a variety of tools and techniques.

The process also often includes manipulating the metal in the much hotter, and usually controlled, environment where the metal, in whole or in part, is molten, liquid, and flowing.

It is in that process where I sense the “emerging object”.  My sensory experience includes sight, sound, feel, smell, and even taste, but also something else.  This something else is, I believe, my internal interaction with the "emerging object" and with that sensory experience as I craft each piece.

 Out of there, the process, guided by imagination, an original idea and persistent will and determination, “my design” emerges.  It is here at this nexus that I come to terms with my “frontier of knowledge”, where I become aware of what I can achieve and what I cannot, yet.  Here, surprises often happen and my adventure continues.

There, in that in-between place, couched in the familiarity of what I know and the uncertainty of things I hope to know, I experience the exhilaration, the excitement,  and the agony of learning, growing, being, and creating.


“Art is nothing more than a refinement of everyday feeling” – Oscar Córdoba


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