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My handcrafted Art Jewelry incorporates the use of a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods and techniques performed on various metals to create one-of-a-kind wearable art.  My most recent work includes a variety of metals often mixed or combined to explore their individual characteristics such as colors and working properties.  Amongst my favorites are Fine Silver (999/1000 pure) and 24 Kt Gold (999/1000 pure) but I also like to use various other metals like Steel, Copper, Titanium,  Niobium, and alloys like Bronze, Brass, Sterling Silver or high Karat Gold. 

Many of my designs also include one or more of a variety of gemstones or other natural materials.  When I do incorporate gemstones or other materials (such as pearls or shell) in my designs, I prefer to use gems or materials that are natural, untreated or un-enhanced by dyes or processes other than cutting and polishing.

  My designs are my own and are often inspired by nature, moments I have experienced, or moments I imagine yet to be.  Each piece entirely crafted by my own two hands is original, unique, and seeks to enhance its beauty by its own human host.  Perhaps one "speaks" especially to you?

 I find that collectors that purchase my work make a very special connection to that one-of-a-kind piece they choose for themselves or a special someone.  Many tell me that they "Have to Have it", and I am grateful to each and every one for supporting my art.

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