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Learning about and tinkering with metalsmithing and jewelry making began as a hobby when I was a young teenager.  My education and training in my craft have been informal and self directed, a couple of classes, gleaning what I could from a few books and publications, a few tips from individuals, and much on-going experimentation.

In what has become an ever evolving learning experience, I have worked with a variety of metals, gemstones and other natural materials to create wearable art.  Although I often use gemstones or other natural materials in my designs, working with the metal is where “things happen” for me. (see Artist's Statement)

My favorite precious metals are Silver and Gold but I also like to explore the characteristics of other metals like Steel, Copper, Titanium or Niobium.  Many of my designs incorporate Fine Silver and high Karat Gold almost exclusively but many also include a variety of metals.  Some of my designs also include one or more of a variety of gem stones or other material like shells or pearls.  Virtually all of the gemstones or materials I use in my work are natural, untreated or un-enhanced by dyes, coatings, heat or irradiation.

I like to explore the many, many possibilities of contrast in colors, textures, and finishes, often in the same piece of work.  I also like to include the possibility of movement, imaginary or real, or an unexpected element to animate or bring a playful quality to my designs.

My work is one of a kind as I choose to explore a new design idea, method, or technique with each new project.  This is well received by collectors that desire a unique, exclusive or customized piece of wearable art.

All my work is guaranteed to be of the materials and purity specified and it carries a lifetime warranty, as long as I am alive.

  I want you to be happy with your piece of Oscar Art Jewelry.

Oscar Córdoba


Artist's Statement

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